Advances in Maritime Connectivity Will Transform the Shipping Industry

Traditionally, commercial maritime operators have viewed technology as a necessary overhead cost rather than as a source of operational innovation.

But that mindset is changing. It marks an important shift from cost reduction to focus on an understanding that investments in connected ships can deliver value across the business and drive competitive advantage.

To thrive, ship operators must assert their vital role in smart, data-enabled supply and value chains. That requires enterprise-grade broadband connectivity, and choosing the right platform is critical.

All Aboard: High Seas Connectivity Awaits is your guide to choosing a service provider who can support vessels’ bandwidth demands both today and tomorrow. The eBook includes information regarding:

  • Market forces influencing digital transformation
  • Key considerations for the best broadband service, capacity and reliable coverage
  • Two opposing views for meeting connectivity demands
  • Future-proofing connectivity decisions to reduce technology risk