Connecting the U.S.: Satellite Backhaul
for Mobile Coverage Everywhere

Connecting the U.S.: How MNOs Can Cover More Places with Satellite Backhaul


Most of the continental United States is covered with mobile broadband, however there are still many communities and land areas where coverage does not exist, mostly in rural and hard-to-reach places.


The high cost and low ROI associated with using traditional terrestrial backhaul to build out networks into these areas has made it impractical. In many areas the topographical challenges have made it unfeasible…until now.

In this webinar Intelsat and Comtech:

  • Delve into an alternative, non-terrestrial cellular backhaul approach that enables any mobile operator to expand their coverage beyond the economic and geographic limits of terrestrial backhaul.
  • Discuss the advancements in non-terrestrial backhaul solutions that ensure a fiber-like experience for users everywhere they live, work and play, even in existing coverage areas where service disruptions occur due to terrestrial backhaul outages.
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