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A Breakthrough Connectivity Solution Engineered To Go Where Other Networks Cannot

Satellite Made Easy

Imagine connecting to the people and applications you need most — reliably and securely  at any time. With FlexMove, those possibilities are turned into realities. Whether you’re in need of remote connectivity for mining, rail, oil & gas, first responders, or other civil dense and humanitarian efforts, Intelsat has Comms-on-the-Move and Comms-on-the-Pause solutions to enable high-throughput, easy-to-deploy connectivity. Contact Sales for more information.

FlexMove delivers ubiquitous, high-speed satellite connectivity up to 20x faster than legacy MSS solutions for a fraction of the cost. Quickly bring a terminal online and establish connectivity in seconds with our user-friendly service portal.

As an end-terminal managed service, FlexMove removes the complexity when dealing with bandwidth availability, configuration, and network management. It dynamically delivers speed and throughput where and when users need it. Choose from a portfolio of pre-qualified terminals with service plans available in flexible gigabyte packages designed to meet your unique customer needs.

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