1° West: Your Premier Destination for Maximum Audience Reach

A Multi-satellite Solution Delivering Content Your Audience Wants

Media programmers are under increasing pressure to meet the demands of fragmented audiences who want to consume content on their smartphones and tablets, around the clock, and according to their schedules. In the age of over the top (OTT) and video on demand (VOD) content – programmers must keep pace with newer technologies and rising expectations and volume of viewers without breaking the bank or stagnating in a single market.

The 1° West media distribution solution currently reaches about 18 million TV households via both cable and DTH platforms – with over 900 unique channels including CNN, AMC, Disney, and more in 15 languages.

  • Content distribution in SD and/or HD to cable operators, DTH, IPTV, and affiliates

  • Ideal location and platform for 4K UHDTV end-to-end video transmission for higher quality and immediate access to TV customers anywhere

  • Access to 5 leading DTH platforms and nearly 18 million households within the region, one of Europe’s most sought-after video neighborhoods

Check out our resource center and learn how 1° West can get your content in front of more viewers with greater efficiency.

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Solution Overview

Maximize Audience Reach

Learn how 1°West multi-satellite solution can get your content in front of millions of audiences with greater reach and efficiency.

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Tip Sheet

3 Reasons to Tap into the 1° West Audience

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Grow Your Viewership in CEE

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4K Tip Sheet

Realize the Benefits of 4K UHDTV

Discover how Intelsat’s 4K satellite solution at 1°West can expand your reach in one of Europe’s fastest-growing video neighborhoods.

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Distribute Your 4K Content

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Webcast Session

Capitalize Video Services in CEE

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The Future of Media Innovation is Now

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